Hinton Bishop - Designer

Hinton Bishop

Hunter Crawford

A graduate of the University of Alabama in 2016, Hinton became a self-taught graphic designer while working on receiving his PR degree. Having had a creative mind since childhood, he realized an education in PR would not be enough to express his creativity. After spending many hours studying in print and digital media, Hinton was able to hone his design skills for practical use. Hinton tries every day to push the bounds of what is possible by living and thinking outside of the box. Being naturally full of pep and energy, Hinton is usually up and about before the sun. Although intimidating at times, his unusual abundance of enthusiasm makes him an invaluable asset to the Formula design team.

Hinton enjoys recreational sports and video games if he is not taking a weekend trip to visit friends. If his TV is on, he will be watching Planet Earth or The Office. Hinton prides himself on cleaning his plate and boasts that he has never once needed a to-go box. Hinton regularly finds himself correcting the pronunciation of his name for others, often going so far as to spell it out for them

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